Samson and Delilah: What did Samson value?

We’ll never get what we really want until we discover what is most valuable. But choosing what’s valuable doesn’t come naturally. We’ve all had the experience of getting what we naturally want, only to discover it’s not what is most valuable—it’s not what we ultimately want. But how do we avoid being deceived by our short-term desires? 

What did Samson really want?  Have we ever really thought about this?

If we forgo our childhood memories about Samson, can we really decipher want he really wanted?

Just like us, Samson is tragically and beautifully flawed. Yet, we can avoid the same mistakes as this great Biblical hero if we chase what we value.

Personally, I value being a great father and husband. For me, this means spending quality time with my family. Special outings, watching movies together, and investing time in their lives.

Are you moving towards what you value? What about Samson?

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