The Downlow: Community Storytelling in Telluride

Telluride Theater in conjunction with The Downlow, produce several story telling events in Telluride throughout the year. The event is designed to bring story tellers into a deeper relationship with our local community. As a minister, I am sometimes left on the outside looking in. I have found people are scared that I am going to take the stage and make them listen to a sermon on Jesus.

Thankfully, The Downlow invited me to share a holiday story. The week leading up to the event, I wrestled between two completely different stories. Finally, I decided to share my version of an engagement story.

This event, was the perfect opportunity for outsiders to see a local minister in a different light. Non-church members often forget about my struggles as a husband, father, and friend. Yes, some ministers have a full life which exists outside the church. I actually know a couple ministers who drink beer and smoke cigarettes.

Below, I am providing a link to my story. Additionally, there is a link included for the The Downlow.

My First Christmas in North Carolina.

The Downlow

You can't kill a Buddha!!!!

Know the definiton