Hope is a 4 Letter Word...

Over the past month, our six-year-old son has been expressing his vocabulary with a unique set of four letter words. Unfortunately, this new vocabulary has not included the words hope, love, or amen. Instead, he has felt inclined to use words typically reserved for softball games and R rated movies.

As a father and minister, I want my little boy to be captivated by a word like hope. A concept Jesus continually shares with his disciples during his ministry upon earth. Throughout the writings of the New Testament Gospels, Jesus is granting his earliest followers the possibility of living a more fulfilling life. Not hope in the afterlife; but the possibiilty of establishing the love of God here on earth. Hope is all about the possibility of delivering someone towards a more enriching life.

In this holiday season, we are called to be messengers of Hope. Please join us to change the world, with the love of God, as Jesus intended.

Hope is a 4 Letter Word.

If you don’t know, I am about to launch my first book. Will you join me in this amazing journey.

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