Don't Spend All Your Money on a Bathroom Remodel.

I have never been too interested in hunting, but a couple years back my brother and I were invited to go on a hunting trip with our cousin and uncle. We agreed to join the trip as mountain bikers to share the experience.  The next morning our groups separated with the plan to gather around the camp fire later in the day. That night, after building the fire, my brother and I became concerned when our cousin and uncle had not returned to camp. A few moments before we called emergency services, Nathan came stumbling into camp dragging the ultimate trophy buck.  He was ecstatic, “biggest rack I have ever seen on a white tail.”

Only one problem with the story, my uncle Reed was nowhere in sight.  “Where is your dad?”  

 Nathan thought for a moment, “Oh jeez, dad fell out of the tree stand.  I think he broke his leg.”

 My brother became very upset, “You left your dad in the woods with a broken leg but you managed to drag this two-hundred-pound deer back to camp.”

 Our cousin thought for a moment, “Well, I figured ain’t nobody going to try and steal my dad.” 

At that moment, what were my cousin’s priorities?

In light of the message from the Prophet Haggai, we will examine five steps to define your priorities.

  1. Name Your Values.

  2.  Review the Last Six Months.

  3. Use the Rule of 3’s.

  4. Cut Out the Urgent, for the Important.

  5. Contemplate Before Committing.

    Don’t Spend All Your Money on a Bathroom Remodel.

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